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Gordon's School
Many of us have passed through the gates of this illustrious school. We are building the most comprehensive on-line record of the great times enjoyed at our famous school and are looking for contributions. The principal idea of the site is that it is dedicated to the pupils and their achievements both at the school and later on in life. In particular we need articles and photographs especially those relating to the 1990s onwards.
The site will continuously evolve so if you have any comments, additions or suggestions please let us have them!
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Many thanks
The Executive Committee
Many thanks to all you of you who have written in so far, we will always acknowledge your contact!

Diary Dates 2014 Event Time
SATURDAY 28 JUNE Annual Inspection and Gordonians AGM
Annual Inspection and Prizegiving for current pupils of the school. In 2014, Gordonian Day will again be combined with Annual. Diary Dates 2014>>
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